Monday, November 26

classy monogram

This blanket is striped white minkee on one side and bright pink dot minkee on the other side. This mother of two boys was eager to add something classy and feminine to her new daughter's layette when she arrived. A monogrammed blanket was just what she was looking for!

a bag for grandma

This bag was made for a special Grandma to tote things back and forth to the grandkids' house. Her name is on one side, and each of the grandkids are on the other side. Each child got their own specialized design, and extra children can be added as they come!

pillow cover

My u-shaped pillow got a lot of use with my son. I nursed him for a year, and he played on it too. A real work-out. However, he was a bit of a puker, so I was constantly having to wash the cover. So... before baby #2 - another cover! The back is fastened with snap tape for easy removal and washing when needed.

Tuesday, November 13

something warm for the winter...

A friend wanted something warm and girly for her September daughter.

This seemed like the perfect solution!

looking for a toy

I think these are going to be so much fun! I just picked a couple fun fabrics and pretty ribbons and put them all together.
Coming up on the next ones - specialty embroidery squares.
And maybe a jingle bell inside?!