Tuesday, January 22

pleats & shoes

The littlest niece I have is just 7 months old.  Her sisters were the ones who got the "Piper" dresses for Christmas, so I picked out a pleated skirt pattern for her from Little Lizard King.
E Skirt & shoes
The shoe pattern - honestly I've been searching and can't find the link to the pattern I used.  I will edit & add later if I find it.  There are a variety of shoe patterns out there, and I've been a little nervous to give them a try.  I will definitely embellish them more the next time around, and maybe plan the print of the fabric a little better.  I didn't use leather, but considering they're baby shoes not made for a lot of hard core walking around, I'm not worried.  The soles are made from the white grippy fabric in case she does need a little traction.
The shoes were definitely fun and easy.  I am looking for excuses to make more!

Tuesday, January 15

piper - three ways

I just love the Piper dress pattern from Patty Young.  The large pocket is perfect for little girl's treasures, the pleated skirt is fun, and the crossing straps in back are cute.

Corduroy jumper - Oompa Loompa

I chose a bright striped corduroy, with plain turquoise for the pocket and pleats.  My husband, the Willie Wonka fan, calls this the Oompa Loompa dress.  It is pretty brightly colored, I'd have to agree.  I used some sparkly ric rac on the pocket and sparkly buttons because my daughter LOVES sparkles!
Oompa Loompa close-up

This is actually the first version I sewed.  It was meant to be the one for my daughter, but it didn't quite fit her right.  When I decided to make a sewing kit for my niece for Christmas, this dress seemed like the perfect choice for her.  She loves green, and the flowers all have an edging to them that looks like handstitching.
Sew G dress

The yellow flower buttons seemed just perfect with the corduroy fabric.
Sew G dress

This one was made for her little sister.  I usually try and do similar styles of dresses for them, because I think matching your sister can be fun.  I also try and do something floral for her because her middle name is "Rose".  This corduroy fit the requirements.
Miss L. Rose dress

It is definitely a different color scheme though, which sets her apart and doesn't make them matching twins.
Miss L. Rose dress

Using corduroy with this pattern made it a little tight to do the pleats, so I look forward to trying it in some lighter weight fabric and springy print!

Tuesday, January 8

gretchen - two ways

This is a new favorite pattern.  Patty Young's Gretchen dress has a lot of pieces, but I think it is just adorable!  The side ties and huge pockets sold me.
Red poppy dress

I used Heidi Grace's red poppy fabric and picked out a coordinating red scalloped design.  I used Patty Young ribbon for embellishment on the bodice.
Red poppy dress

This version was for another niece for a Christmas present.
Purple T dress

The purple has gold polka dots, and the brown has a little shimmer to it as well.
Purple T dress - close up
My niece complained that the sleeves were too poofy.  That wasn't a problem for my daughter, so obviously it's just personal preference.  The dress pattern gives options for a short sleeve, which might work better for my niece.  The skirt also has a bubble-style skirt option.  That's not really my style, so I'll stick with the full swirly skirt for the next one I make!