Wednesday, October 31


For Halloween this year, we couldn't decide on something just right for all three.  So - the two boys went together as Calvin and Hobbes.

Here is Calvin.  We put tons of gel and hairspray in his hair to spike it.  The shirt was from Old Navy.  Black pants were Target I think, and the red Converse we bought at Target.
Calvin & Hobbes

I made Hobbes using a tutorial from Instructables. Totally time intensive, but SO worth it.  This plush will be cherished for a long time.

Here are the boys checking out their story.
Halloween reading

Hobbes, meet Hobbes.  Braden's costume was actually from Target, and I added the white fuzzy front.  After I took the picture, it bugged me that his ears weren't black so I added that.  I didn't change his feet, just left them the way they were.  Not totally authentic or handmade, but it worked.
Hobbes, meet Hobbes

My dear daughter had a couple medical run-ins early in the summer, and became fascinated with nurses - thanks in part to a couple fabulous nurses.  One of them had a sparkly headband, so that's why the headband is a part of the costume.  I made the scrub top & pants.  Fake Crocs from Target, stethoscope from Dad, RN pin from Grama J (an actual RN), and black bag from the church nursery dress-up box.
The nurse

Happy Halloween from my three!
Halloween threesome

Tuesday, October 16

grama's apple smocking

I have to brag about my mom here.  Look at this beautiful dress she made!
Apple smocked dress

Yes - my mother did all this smocking on the bodice.  Do you see the piping at the top and bottom? Cute little detail on an already beautiful dress.
Apple smocking closeup

Another cute little detail - the waistband with buttons at the back.  Check out the piping again on the Peter Pan collar and sleeves.
Back of Apple dress

I know - it's amazing!
Apple dress

Thanks Grama J for my beautiful dress!