Friday, May 28

summer's almost here!

Have you ever "met" Meg of whatever?  She is an amazing photographer and has a great sense of humor.  She lives in Kansas with her kids & hubby and she is definitely a must-read for me.
She and her family made their summer list... and inspired me to make our list.  Looks like the kids and I are going to be busy!!!  Hopefully Daddy can join us for a couple of the outings.
Can you guess which one was my addition to the list?  Uh yeah... fabric shopping extraordinaire at Vogue!  Conner's excited about seeing how many parks we can get to on our list.

As much as we want to have fun, I know there will be times to be at home too. So here's the kids' home lists.  Guess which one I added to Conner's list. ;)  Abby's list says bike because we're hoping she'll be able to coordinate herself on her trike.  I'm also hoping we can get in some water play without the screaming and drama of the other day - that's why sunscreen made it on the list.

What's on your summer list?

Thursday, May 27

craft room redo

I've updated a little, reorganized, moved furniture and I am loving it!  Here's the new and improved studio!  You may note a big pile of fabric on the far wall - it's supposed to be put away on the shelves underneath.  But I wouldn't want you to think I could actually have it all organized at once?!!!!  The piano is just to the right around the corner, and the display shelf is still on the wall there.  The fabric shelves in the middle of the room have some of the small things like burp cloths, hairclips, etc. in tubs on top.  The cutting table is against the far wall under the ribbons.  I keep some of my paperwork stuff in a vertical file on the wall.  Scrapbooking stuff is in tubs underneath that table.  Kids' messy stuff is next to the cutting table.  Their craft table is right in between my sewing table and the kitchen table in the next room.
Here's the other side of the fabric shelves - I got a new table to hold both machines.  Woo-hoo!
This is now my dreaming table.  It houses my tub of colored pencils, my tub of Sharpies, and a tub of index cards for little notes and sketches.  It's also my music center - gotta have tunes to craft to!  It's next to the shelves that hold some of my idea books, portfolio, patterns, etc.
Just a shot of some of the pretty stuff on top of the bookshelf.  So many cute things to use on my next project!

Friday, May 21

set the table

Time to try something new on my serger - a rolled hem!  It took no time at all - setting it up and reading my booklet to make sure I had the settings right was the hardest part.
Each napkin is 18" square which made four from one yard of fabric.  I used two different kinds of lighthouse fabrics, so I made a total of eight napkins.  That left a few lighthouse scraps to use on a centerpiece for the table.  Don't you love the salt and pepper shakers?!
My parents also get two placemats to match out of a simple red broadcloth.  Enjoy, mom & dad!

Monday, May 17

Minnie Mouse birthday!

A little something special for my niece's 2nd birthday.  She's celebrating it Disney style!

I bought the pink knit dress, and appliqued a Minnie head on the front.  I machine embroidered a 2 and her name.  Then I hand sewed the bow together & onto the dress.

Friday, May 14

miss claire

Sam from The Handmade Dress also has an adorable skirt pattern ready.  The two-layered skirt is so easy to put together - mine was done in an hour and a half.

It has a yoke at the top and an elastic waist.  The best part - Abby LOVED swirling and twirling around in it!  And her belly looks so cute doesn't it. :)

It would also work beautifully with Miss Olivia Paige as a top instead of a dress.  Check it out in her shop now!  She has it from size 6mo to size 12 - I love it when a pattern is that versatile.

miss olivia paige

I am LOVING Sam's latest creation - Miss Olivia Paige is so sweet & easy to sew in just a (slightly long) naptime!

See the bows on the sides?  The bows on each side are from the sashes on this wrap-style dress.  I used the same fabric to make little bows for her hair too!

The dress crosses in the back forming a V-back.  I lined the inside with the same fabric I used for the sashes - a leafy fabric in Heidi Grace's line that matches the ladybug fabric on the bodice and the trees in the skirt.

The dress has tucks in the front for a sweet detail that was so easy to sew!

Hope on over to The Handmade Dress to meet Sam & get your very own pattern in her shop!

Wednesday, May 12

natalie's dress, version 2

I had a request for another "Natalie's Dress" - she wanted it in blue, how could I say no?!

This time I did it without the crinoline layer - the customer wanted the beautiful silhouette of the dress without the poofy-ness.

I used pearl buttons on the back, and a straight-ended sash.

I've been busy with some other projects... statistical work, presents for a new baby, and presents for a baby on the way.  It's also been raining a lot so not a lot of pictures to share.  Coming up soon - hopefully some serged napkins, a Pez holder and a color/texture/I Spy book.  I've also been testing a couple patterns, so when they are finished I'll be happy to share them with you.  So cute!!!!  I also dropped off my name onesies & hats at the store the other day - so they will hopefully be on display soon and I'll be receiving orders!!!

Wednesday, May 5

two sisters and a new baby!

Two sisters are welcoming a new baby sister this July.  Mom wanted them to have something special for in the hospital.  The older girls get pink tees, the baby gets a onesie.  Three flowers for each girl, with their specific flower enlarged & labeled on their specific shirt.  Ric-rac stems complete the flower.

This is a little something special for a photo shoot after they get home.
"Peyton's Pinafores" for the two older girls, and a onesie dress for the baby.  Each girl has a flower raw-edge-appliqued on the front.  Best wishes to the whole family!!!!

Tuesday, May 4


I thought it would be fun to try making some of my own mom-name tag jewelry and so now I've found a new hobby!  I don't plan on ever being Lisa Leonard, but it's fun for now.  (Check out her jewelry and her blog.  wow.)

I tried a few names and designs with Shrinky Dinks.  I'm a little worried that the Sharpie marker I used to draw on the Shrinky Dinks is going to rub off, but they're fun for now.  If you look closely below, one of the tags has my word of the year on it, and the U is starting to disappear.  I also have some colored Shrinky Dink material, so next time I am going to try cutting some shapes out of it (like maybe the kid's initials) that way I get color & shapes without the writing rubbing off.

I also bought a few charms and added beads to them for a little extra sparkle.  Do you see my logo in Shrinky Dink form?  I was impressed with how it turned out!!!

Then I just put beads together to put on a necklace with charms I already have.

Then I "splurged" at Harbor Freight (there's one about 20 min from my house!) and got myself some metal stamps.  (The next set on my wish list is the 1/8" 40-pc set.  Then I'll probably start shopping Etsy for fun stamps like this.  More expensive, but lots of fun!)  I've read that you're supposed to use a Sharpie to make the letters show up, but when I wipe them down, it wipes out some of the letter darkening too.  I'll just have to keep trying!  I got the blank shapes at Hobby Lobby.

It's going to take a little while to figure out how to get everything to stamp evenly and in a straight line, but for now let's call it "rustic"... "character"... "charming".  This is for Conner's teacher.  He picked out the beads for her.  We've been bead shopping at Hobby Lobby and Joann's.  I don't remember what came from where at this point.

If you look closely on some of them, you can see I've been experimenting with head pins and eye pins.  I'm not really sure if there's some jewelry rule about what you're supposed to use - I just pick one and run with it.  I also have most definitely not perfected the art of closing a jump ring, but practice makes perfect right?

Monday, May 3

overalls for a gal

Have you ever heard of Whimsy Couture?  Denise has all sorts of great tutorials, links and patterns.  I tested her overalls - quick and easy and so adorable!

There are knots at the front, and you have the option of stitching up the inseam or using snap tape.  I chose to stitch it up.  The ruffles at the bottom add a little bit of "whimsy" as her name says!  They were a little big for Abby, so they may be going to one of my nieces, or I'll wait for Abby to grow into them.  Technically these were capri length!  Now I know to do it shorter for her.