Saturday, October 31

do you hear the sirens?

All I know is that I think I'm living in a fire station because I've got a fireman at my door and a dalmatian running in the yard!!!
I made the coat and pants. I tackled a collar and I don't love how it looks inside, but it turned out just fine for a costume. I bought some iron-on reflective tape and then reinforced it by stitching the edges. My husband tracked down a Fire Supply store and we got the hat, boots, and letters for our last name on the back of the jacket. The suspenders were actually my brother's when he was little - my mom had them in a box and they were perfect for this!
The air pack is a 2-liter bottle spray painted gray. I then hot-glued webbing straps to one side, added D-rings and tried it on for size. We realized it needed a little more so we looked up Scott Air Packs online. I enlarged the picture, printed it out, and Mod-Podged it on. That added a little shine to make it glossier, and made it look like a little more than just a spray painted bottle.
The dalmatian costume is a white sweatshirt & leggings (store-bought) with felt dots I sewed all over. The ears are white felt. I made sure to give her a cute little collar with a heart tag. She wore black patent leather shoes too - just because!Hope you had a Happy Halloween! I'm off to enjoy a little more chocolate...

Friday, October 30

sing me a song...

Do you know anyone who needs a music bag?
This black canvas bag has a fabric keyboard wrapping all the way around. The border on the top and bottom is a satin ribbon with music notes.
It's waiting for your name (or the name of your favorite musician) to be embroidered on top...
(I'm your favorite musician, right? I may have to keep this one for myself!)

more jumpers!!

This sweet little floral jumper is the same pattern as the blue jumper with snowflakes. There are pleats at the neckline.
It is a very soft corduroy, and the straps button in front.
This corduroy jumper is the same pattern as this one and this set of 4. I just love the corduroy prints that are out now!!

Thursday, October 29

abcs and 123s

These fabric letters come in a little yellow bag - perfect for playing with anywhere! Numbers are also included.
Other possible variations on the set: different font, lower case, magnets inside, velcro for use on a feltboard... what would you do with fabric letters?

fleece hats

Check out these adorable winter hats!
They went together so easily, and all I needed was the child's head circumference.
Velcro is on the straps under the chin.
Best of all - fleece tassels in the corners!!!!
(This does NOT mean I'm ready for snow!!!!!)

Wednesday, October 28

layered skirt

Start with a beautiful sash (that ties in the front or back)...
Add two layers of skirted goodness...
And you're ready for some swirly girlie fun!
(pattern by Olabelhe)

Tuesday, October 27

turtleneck pt.2

Remember the corduroy skirt and the matching turtleneck with the ruffle? Well, I decided to try a simple little flower at the neckline.
It's a few layers of the corduroy from the skirt, and a coordinating pink cotton. They're held together with a black button & sewed right onto the shirt.
What do you think? Much better than the ruffle? Too simple?

Monday, October 26

butterflies for Savannah

A few raw-edge applique butterflies for a special little girl.
A onesie...
and matching burp cloth.

Friday, October 23

patterns & playing

I've been playing with some pretty stuff today, but that's all I can say. Pattern testing is kind of fun! I just hate having to wait to show you the cuteness that was dreamt up over at The Handmade Dress.

Luke or Lucas?

Two custom orders that I just finished... I don't think they're for the same boy?! But wouldn't he be lucky!!!
Minkee and flannel is one of my favorite combinations. Sweet and soft on one side, fun and colorful and personalized on the other!

Thursday, October 22

safari stuff

Just wanted to share a couple custom orders with you.
The little boy's room is a safari theme, and this is what we came up with.

A light green burp cloth with his initials and adorable animals on a satin ribbon.
Light green minkee on one side, and animal safari/camoflauge flannel on the other side. I machine embroidered the elephant & his name. Isn't the elephant cute? He's giving himself a little shower.

Monday, October 19

ruffled shirt

I keep on seeing ruffles everywhere besides skirt bottoms. I wanted to give it a try.
The shirt was made to go with the skirt I experimented with last week.
So what do you think???? Goofy or cute? Classy or cheesy?


Remember this butterfly top? Well here it is on its recipient. Isn't she adorable??!!! Meet Lily.
Meet her mama here. She does vinyl pictures for her older daughter, creates roads for her stir-crazy kids, and a ton of other fun projects.

Saturday, October 17

christmas stars

Another Christmas dress for a little babe. It's ready for an initial or other embellishment as you request.Check out the striped ruffle on the bottom. Does it make you think of candy canes?

Friday, October 16

wedding celebration

Just a small something to decorate a box for cards at a friend's wedding reception. (Cool wedding date, eh?)

Thursday, October 15

dinner guests

Look what's joined us for dinner!
A ghost!And a spider!
They are hanging from the lamp above our table.

The inspiration came from here.

brown bubble dress

I've had this brown Heidi Grace fabric sitting around for a while. I decided to give the Olabelhe design "Amelia" another try. I originally made it for my cousin's little girl.
I used a mixed-up floral for the bodice, and a striped floral and butterfly print for the bubble skirt.
The bodice has three buttons up the back, and a bow that can be tied in front or back.

Wednesday, October 14

skirting the issue

I've been avoiding skirts. Don't ask me why. I've tackled much harder projects lately. I just have a hard time estimating elastic, and wish I had a model here in the house. So, I measured on my son and came up with this all on my own.
I think it might be a little wide & a little short, but I'm not quite ready to ask him to try it on so I can see for sure. Anybody know any size 3/4/5 girls who want to try?
The top layer is a red, pink, gray and white corduroy full of flowers and swirls. I used it for a jumper last year, and had enough still in my stash to whip up this skirt.
The bottom layer is muslin (so it's not too thick) with a gray corduroy ruffle. I can picture it now... tights, boots... oh so twirly and cute!

Tuesday, October 13

gobble gobble

Are you hungry for Thanksgiving yet? Just one more quick and easy little something for the Craft Show in November.

Monday, October 12

yarn pumpkins

I read about yarn apples here and figured that yarn pumpkins would be easy and fun too!

Quick & seasonal. A perfect activity for the pre-dinner time.

Sunday, October 11

harvest time, Strega Nona

My favorite new fall book...
and my way of decorating. The librarian in me just can't stop!One of the best parts of the book is that Strega Nona's loving, overflowing bounty is shared with her village. What a wonderful reminder for all of us.

Saturday, October 10

super why

Halloween is coming... and that means time for costumes!! A friend of mine asked for a little help pulling together an outfit for her son.

Do you recognize Super Why? She decided I should put the belt on the t-shirt rather than on the elastic pants. "It's not that L tucks his pants in anyway."

If you're interested in details, I'm happy to share how I put it all together. I didn't take pictures because I was kind of in a hurry to get it done before a party tomorrow. However, my son REALLY wants his own too, so I can do a tutorial on the cape or fleece pants when I make them for him - if you're interested. The cape is easy to make for any super hero!

I am still working on the costumes for my kids... a few more finishing touches for my daughter, and my son's just needs some letters. I can't wait to share them! How are your Halloween costumes coming along?

Wednesday, October 7

pumpkins are yummy!

We decided that today was a good day for Rice Krispie treats. I added some orange food coloring and got busy.
I was going to try and make a jack-o-lantern, but we were too eager to get to the eating so we settled for no stem and a smiley face (chocolate chips!!!).
Guess who got the first bite.