Friday, May 16

sibling shirts

These two onesies & a tshirt were made for three cousins who call themselves the "H Kids". They are eagerly anticipating the arrival of their fourth cousin, the newest member of the gang! The yellow star has "H Kid" emblazoned in the middle, and each child has their own name above the star.

diaper duty

I used cloth diapers to make personalized burp cloths. These two were made for a couple expecting their first child - an addition to their family that already has three dogs!

I stitched the same design and just played around a little. Something fun for my new baby! The one on the left used a colorful pink swirl fabric for the background, and the A pops out with a little fun foam sewn in behind it. The one on the right with the blue stitching used a variegated thread.
The matching pair above was made as a "you just found out you're pregnant, hooray!!!" present. Using a gender-neutral but oh so cute polka dot flannel and variegated RicRac along the edge, the mom-to-be is ready to start the fun!