Friday, August 12

blue floral - yep, i did it again

This is the "Lauren" dress by Olabelhe Designs.  I made it up in a blue floral from Heidi Grace, with a coordinating green for the underskirt, tie, and pockets.
The pockets are HUGE and perfect for sticking your hands in while you swirl and twirl!!!
See... look how big they are!!!
The tie is so long, I was able to wrap it back around front to tie it.  I'm not sure I like it that way, I was just experimenting.
Here's a close-up of the fabric and buttons on the back.  It's mostly a blue check with blue flowers on top.  Most of the flowers had green centers, a few had white centers.  It just felt right :)

Thursday, August 11

blue floral, yes indeed

Yes, I have actually been doing a little "fun" sewing this summer.  Between being a mom, custom orders, and random outings, my sewing time has been significantly less this summer!  Today and tomorrow though I'm doing a little showing off.  This is an "Amelia" dress (with bubble skirt) by Olabelhe Designs.
I have no idea what she was doing with her hand.  Silly pose, right?  I love the simple silhouette of the dress, but the scoop neckline seemed a little deep for her, and when she sat down I was wishing the skirt was a little longer.
She loved running around in it, her play shoes matched nicely, and I figured out how to get a pretty bow in back!!!!  It went together very quickly too, because I just made two for a customer, and I'm pretty comfortable with Dawn's designs at this point.

Wednesday, August 10

i love patty young

I'm sure you've all heard of Patty Young, right?  Patty Young of ModKid?  Well, it just so happens that she and her studio are about 2 hours from me and my studio (basement workspace, whatever).  What better way to spend a Friday afternoon with my mom and kids than to take a little roadtrip?!!!  After a quick stop at Dairy Queen & a local park, we were off to her Sample Sale and Open House.  We met her, her husband Jon, and two girls.  {Bad blogger, no pictures.  I didn't want to be too celebrity-crazed or whatever.  Probably should have just taken the camera, right?}  I just was so happy that my kids behaved and that I got to have a (short) chat with her.  She loved seeing my Abby in her Abigail dress, and I loved showing off, who am I kidding.  The dress had gotten a little short on her, but still fit in the bodice/shoulders.  Woohoo!  Then my mom and I did a little shopping.  I bought a sample ribbon box and some patterns, and my mom got Abby a Frida dress.
The bodice on this one is a light jean fabric.  My mom and I loved the cute buttons and the neckline.
You can't really see in these pictures, but there's ties on each side.  I'm looking forward to making her one or two more!  I might try it sleeveless with corduroy and see how it works.