Wednesday, March 31

more baby blue... just in time for Easter!

This time I used the pattern just as written - down to size 2!!!!  It might be a little big on her now, but I want it to fit all summer.  We've got a wedding to go to in July!!!  I just finished it, and haven't tried it on her yet.  More pictures to come.

I used a baby blue cotton with flowers embroidered all over in a baby blue thread.  The underskirt is muslin, as is the lining.
The back is a very low scoop, with two simple small buttons.

Tuesday, March 30

is your kid "normal"?

No?  Neither are mine!  As a baby my son was at least one size above his age.  He still is!  My daughter wears the "right" size, but is way too skinny for most pants.  One of my sizing issues is that my torso is too long for most clothes.  All of this to say, I'm glad I can sew!  And I am very glad that I have started delving into alterations and pattern making.

This dress was made for an eight year old daughter of a friend of mine.  She is a plus size girl caught between shopping for her styles which are never big enough, and clothes that fit but are more her mom's style!  She has been stuck wearing a lot of knit clothes that never quite fit her - or pants that were way too long!!!

So I gave it my best shot.  Using this e-book, my calculator, measuring tape, and pattern curve I set to work.  She came over one day for measurements - then we went fabric shopping.  Didn't she pick some cute buttons to go with this adorable embroidered purple gingham satin?

She loved the picture of Natalie's Dress from Dawn of Olabelhe Designs, so we used that as our inspiration.  I changed the neckline and straps for a little different coverage.  I made a muslin mock-up of the bodice to double check fit before I cut into the fancy stuff.  I'm so glad I added that extra step because it did need a few little changes, and gave me confidence to move ahead.

Here's a little peek at the muslin underskirt.  I bunched the tulle up along the bottom to make a crinoline layer.

I'm excited about this dress for so many reasons.  I definitely learned a lot in the process of pattern creating and altering!  I enjoy working closely with a customer for a unique dress (of course)!  But I also loved that the girl felt a part of the process and was excited about clothes shopping!  I hope it gives her all the happiness a little girl dressed in her Easter Sunday best deserves!!!!

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Saturday, March 27


My son was invited to a birthday party this weekend, and this is what he chose for his friend.  He picked the color, and happily modeled it for you!
Perfect blast-off position - note the thumbs!
I appliqued the initial (of his friend) and circle onto the red fabric, and made a velcro neck strap for wearing it on many superhero adventures.

Monday, March 22

disney scrappin' adventure

What did you do on Friday night?  I participated in a crazy scrappin' evening of laughter with my sisters-in-law.  We met at around 6:15, had dinner, and got down to business.  We were eating our brownie/ice cream sundaes and packing up just *a little* past midnight.  With five kids 5 & under between the 3 of us, it's not easy to spend time just the three of us.  But we decided that we needed to find time to get together more often... what a fun evening!!!!

We started by sorting our pictures and laying everything out on the table.  Stickers, papers, Cricut, doodads, etc.  Thank goodness my sister-in-law's table seats 10!!!!
 Once we'd decided what papers and pictures were going together, and what order they were going in, we had a plan.  That didn't take us too long.... haha.  Yes, those are post-its on the wall.  They said the page titles & page numbers.  Have I ever mentioned I like to be organized?

One of my favorite pictures up there in the top left... the three brothers getting ready to go on the Speedway ride at Magic Kingdom.  They crack me up.  The middle picture is all of us standing in the middle of Main Street trying to figure out what we were doing.  Classic.
Our cool safari pictures - a nice memory of our day at Animal Kingdom.
Our last page - all the kids in their matching sweatshirts (thanks D&D!) and a Goodbye picture courtesy of Small World.
We finished a total of 22 pages for the scrapbook.  On the inside of the back cover we traced each kid's hand and wrote our thank you note.  Then at our father-in-law's birthday party we presented it to him & our mother-in-law.  The 5 grandkids each put on their Mickey Ears and made a little parade walking out of the back bedroom (hilarious and adorable!).  The two oldest kids carried the book, and there might have been a charming little rendition of "It's a Small World" sung open delivery.  A wonderful ending to a very special trip!

Friday, March 19

look what's hatched!

This collection of eight chicks was originally illustrated by my friend, Beth, of Buffington Design & Illustrations.  Aren't they adorable?

After playing around many a late night with my machine embroidery digitizing software, I am proud to introduce a line-up of spring chicks to you!!!

super fly big guy
 feelin chirpy
 struttin my stuff
 made from scratch
 super fly cutie pie
early bird
sunny side up
I rule the roost

These cute chicks are now available in my ArtFire and Etsy shops.  As of right now, they are only listed as machine embroidered chicks on white short-sleeve onesies.  I know some of them are pictured on colored shirts - I wanted to play around a little bit!  If you love these chicks as much as I do, contact me for a custom order!  You can dream up a new place for them (on a tshirt, sweatshirt or pillow perhaps?) or dream up your favorite color combo - even a funny chick saying that is all your own.  We are excited to make these chicks your spring favorite!

Tuesday, March 16

little girl's play purse - tutorial!!!

You remember the Tinkerbell purse? My niece (and her sister and mom!) loved it.
It seems you all loved it too - so here's your tutorial!!!!!

Gather your supplies:
-2 fabrics (fat quarters or even smaller)
-trims - ric rac, eyelet, lace, twill tape, ribbon
-rotary cutter & mat

Cut your 2 fabrics (outside & lining) into rectangles 18" x 10".
Cut your main fabric into 4 rectangles size 12" x 2.5".

Lay them out and make sure you still like them. Fold the lining piece and lay it on top -- looks so pretty, eh?

Take two strap pieces, lay them right sides together, and sew three sides (two long, one short) using a 1/2" seam allowance. Trim the corners, flip the straps right side out, and press.

Then topstitch & add trims to the strap if you so desire.

Take your outside fabric and fold it in half, right sides together. Sew up both sides using a 1/2" seam allowance.
Do the same with the lining fabric.

Pick up your outside fabric, and fold the side seam up to meet the bottom fold. Right side of the fabric is on the inside.

Measure down 1-1/2" and stitch straight across. (The pins are at the 2" mark, but I decided that was a bit too big for me.) Do that again on the opposite end. After you've stitched the ends, flip it open, make sure you like how it looks. Flip it inside out again and trim the extra fabric triangle.
Then repeat on the lining fabric.
Open up the outer fabric right side out, and open the lining fabric up with the wrong side out. Stuff the lining fabric inside the outer fabric. Pin & baste the top edge.

Fold over the top of the lining fabric about 1-1/2" and iron. Stitch it into place.
Then line up the straps about 1-1/2" from each side. Pin in place, and stitch along the bottom edge of the lining.
Add your trims along the edge of the lining. Layer, topstitch, decorate as desired!

Now give it to your favorite toddler & enjoy them toting it everywhere!

The greatest part is that there are so many great trims out there and tons of cute fabrics. You can widen or lengthen the straps & change the size of the purse to fit your needs (or the size of the scrap fabric you have).
If you have any questions, just let me know...and if you make one, I'd love to see it - please send a picture!

Monday, March 15 person!

Seriously - does Tinkerbell get any cuter??

Sunday, March 14

we're home!

I'm calling this our "Family Tree". It's one of my favorite pictures (taken at Animal Kingdom).

We had a wonderful, magical, busy week in Disney World. I won't make this a travel blog, but will tell you that we felt like there was still so much more to see and do - we can't wait to go back! Some of our favorites shows and rides - Mickey's Philharmagic, Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor, Kilimanjaro Safari, Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin, Beauty & the Beast, Lion King, Turtle Talk with Crush, and Soarin'. We met characters, watched fireworks, rode every kind of transportation, and had a lot of fun together as a family.
I'm looking forward to getting back to some of the everyday things, like sewing! I have a lot of work to reveal soon - new embroidery designs and the Tinkerbell purse tutorial. I'll be back with that later this week!!!

Oh - one of the best parts of yesterday - coming home to NO SNOW! (yes it was colder than Orlando, yes we were MUCH later than planned due to a cancelled flight, yes it was raining, but at least there's no more snow!!!!!) Spring is here!!!

Wednesday, March 10

ladybug, lovebug

Have you ever read this book? It's the cutest story about a younger sister who always feels left out of things by her older brother. She is so creative, and so ready to take on the world. It was a must have for our library!
To celebrate our little ladybug girl turning 2, we're throwing a ladybug party!
I found a poem written by Maria Fleming and added my own special stanza.
Ladybugs all dressed in red
Strolling through the flowerbed.
If I were tiny just like you,
I'd creep among the flowers too!
Abby, lovebug, dressed in blue
Strolling through the morning dew
At 11 in the morning on April 10th
Let's party with family as you turn two!

Tuesday, March 9

natalie's dress

This is Natalie's Dress, from Olabelhe Designs. Dawn has done it again - a beautiful dress with timeless elegance & style. This special dress has a high neckline in front, and a lower back. This one was sewn with an extra special underskirt.Her signature sash in the back makes a beautiful bow tie (if you know how to tie, which I don't).
The best part... attack of the crinoline! The underskirt on this gorgeous dress has tulle along the bottom for a little extra poof.
This dress was made with a teal cotton fabric - but I can't wait to try it in something fancier like shantung! I have a perfect embroidered blue fabric that is going to be something special for Abby.