Friday, January 21

change of latitude

SO - 5 days before Christmas I started moving my studio downstairs.  {YES, I realize I'm crazy.}  I finally have things {mostly} organized and picture worthy.  I don't have nearly as much natural light because it is our basement, and there is only one small window.  I'm working on lighting and how to take good pictures in the dark.
The books have been down there since we moved in - most of them are from my teaching days and from my childhood.  However, I will own it.  I LOVE children's books.  I have a LOT of books.  We have a good library in our town, but we rarely visit it because we hardly have time to read the books we do have!  Anyway, back to the studio.
When we moved in we had some flooding issues and replaced the carpet with the foam squares.  I love it, and think it will be nice bright fun flooring for the craft room.

The green chair is my "dreaming chair" - perfect for reading a book, reading a magazine, sketching, or working with the kids at their craft table.  The quilt is one made by my grandma - it is poofy and warm and I LOVE it!!!

The kids craft table is in perfect view of my work space, but all their supplies are on their side.  There are two plastic drawer storage units holding their supplies, and a cardboard box full of boxes, toilet paper tubes, and other fun recyclable bits perfect for random creations.  I have two task lights by my cutting table and drawing table, and my sewing machine is at a right angle to the wall.  Behind my tables is a shorter bookshelf to hold sewing books, business paperwork, and information for my sewing machine.  Lots of other supplies are mixed in with the bookshelves on the far wall.

Behind my work table there is a ledge.  On it sits different projects and works-in-progress.  Above it is my shelf of ribbon.  Underneath the ribbon shelf is a cork strip holding the order forms.  Looks like I better get busy!!

My stash.  Yeah.  I better get busy sewing!!!  There are more empty tubes, rolls of freezer paper and contact paper.  There's also a few electronic components and speakers from when this used to be shelving for our TV room.  Not everything is in its perfect spot yet... but electronic components are my husband's arena.

The last shot is just for fun - my collection of Sharpie markers sitting on my drawing table.  I love Sharpies.  Bright. Bold. So versatile.  LOVE them.

I'm really happy with the set-up, and I feel like I'm on the brink of really getting going again.  It's not necessarily the perfect set-up, I wish the walls weren't that weird textured stuff so I could paint them, storage isn't perfect, but it's MY space and I'll keep adding little touches to make it more creative and inspiring.
Color & inspiration - where do you find it?

Wednesday, January 12

silhouette & pizza parts

I got a new toy for Christmas!  I've seen them all over blog land and decided (after MUCH deliberation) that I would rather have a Silhouette than a Cricut.  The selling point for me was the ability to make your own designs instead of buying the design cartridges.
I have used other people's Cricut machines, and have to say - I'm glad I made the decision I did.

I downloaded a few outlines of pizza ingredients, and let it do its thing!! {mushrooms, pepperoni, peppers, olives}

I set the kids loose with a glue stick and all the pieces.  {cheese is just little strips of white paper I cut by hand}  Then I added the YUM on top after.

Inside the card is a recipe that we're hoping some of friends will want to try! {phone number has been erased}

I'm looking forward to celebrating his 6th birthday with him!  We'll be making our own pizzas & cookies - should be a messy, fun time!

Monday, January 10

how charming

sing your favorite song - because what is life without music?

peace on earth. amen.

rock the boat - I wish I could have found a kayak, but this boat will have to do

sew what - it doesn't matter what you quilt, as long as you're sewing, right?

get dirty - out in the garden or in the tool shed!

bloom - always growing something
A few interchangeable charms for my aunt.  I had fun picking out charms that related to something in her life, and trying to find funny sayings she'd appreciate.

Sunday, January 9

teacher gifts

Conner happily picked out the fabrics and beads for these different projects.
A red scarf and matching clutch for his teacher.
He also made her a red bracelet that he put in the clutch.

Then for the teacher aide he chose these purple fabrics & beads.  I did the sewing, he strung the bracelet.

Saturday, January 8

fashion design

I made 5 kits for Christmas presents this year.  Using my Sizzix BigKick dies I cut a bunch of foam and felt bodies, felt and paper outfits, foam hair and shoes.  I added a small bottle of craft glue, a big handful of sequins, a few googly eyes, ribbon and tulle scraps, stickers, and a few pearls.
Hopefully the girls enjoy their time making some fun dolls for themselves!

Friday, January 7

roses are red (and pink and white)

and lined with minkee!  This coat is an embroidered corduroy and specially covered buttons.
My third niece got this coat for Christmas.

Thursday, January 6

seeing spots

Another niece got this ruffly polka dot jumper.  I covered the buttons in minkee and used a bright ribbon on the shoulder strap.

Wednesday, January 5


My niece needed a special dress for Christmas and this is what her mom and I dreamed up.
The bodice is velveteen (nearly impossible to sew with!) and lined with muslin.
I don't know the name for the skirt fabric, but it's a fancy cream fabric, kind of stiff, and covered with flocked flowers.
The bow at the back is black satin.

Tuesday, January 4


It's been a crazy two months.  Let's recap:
-craft show
-You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown (played keyboard in the pit, the show was two weekends)
-week long trip to North Carolina (Thanksgiving with my brother!)
-Christmas presents (some still in progress)
-Christmas orders
-rearranging my living room, play room, and craft room (pics to come, I promise)
-trip to Michigan (Christmas with aunts, uncles, cousins)
-lots of overtime for my husband

So - here I am.  I made it to January, and I've been doing a lot of thinking about what I want 2011 to look like.  Last year I picked a word and this year, I've done that too.  But more than just a word, I have a phrase that hopefully signifies my new outlook on life.

In my kid's playroom, I have three words painted on the wall - Live Laugh Love.  Next to them are three picture frames, each with a picture signifying it.  As much as those three words are important to me, I believe there is so much more to life... so my new phrase is "Love-Believe-Give-Live".  Not that I don't want to laugh a little along the way too, but I just think that it is important to believe in something and to give what you can when you can.
I'm not sure how much I'll be sharing here in this space, but my life is definitely headed down another path.

So, my word for the year is: contentment.
Not everything was fulfilled last year as I may have wanted it to be.  So my goal this year is to understand that the control freak inside of me needs to chill out and be content!!!  I have so much to be thankful for, and happiness and contentment is waiting for me.  I'm not trying to just maintain or be complacent, but find contentment in my life.

What does the new year hold for you?