Monday, July 30


Our family became a little bigger this summer!

Meet Braden.  He is about one month old in this picture.
Stars kind of became our family theme for the year.  There are now five of us, each a part of the star.  I used a star flannel fabric for his coming home blanket.  Not that he needed one - it was seriously the hottest part of the summer when he was born.  I think the high hit 100 on the day he was born.  The star on the shirt is yellow fabric with stars on it.
Little brother onesie

The "Big Brother" (for the second time).  Same yellow star fabric.  Loving his role, just making a weird face because he is squinting in the sunlight.
Big Brother shirt

The "One and Only Sister".  I really wanted a special title for her since she is a big and little sister.  This seemed fitting.  Same yellow fabric for her letters.
One & Only Sister shirt

Here's all three of them.  I am so lucky!
Sibling shirts

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