Monday, February 11

rainbow quilt, in progress

This is the layout for the rainbow quilt.  Abby's "big girl" room is rainbow themed, and I'm finally getting going on the quilt.  Each block is pieced with scrap fabrics, some small squares and some large.  Once the quilt is finished, I'll do some more close-ups.  I took this picture so I could use my iPad & Adobe Ideas app to plan the quilting pattern.
The rainbow quilt

After I sketched it out, I got busy using my new toy.  This is the free motion grip (and extension table hidden underneath the quilt) for my Brother Quattro.  It is great because I don't feel like I have to use my quilting gloves anymore.  There seems to be some pull on the fabric, but as long as I'm aware of it, I can keep it in check and glide right along.  I love it!
Get ready... go

I decided to do some free motion quilting on each of the white sashing pieces.  I am using colored thread by each of the colored rows, adding to the coloring and making the white not quite so bright.  On each of the tall vertical pieces, I'm also including my daughter's name somewhere in the maze of squiggles.  I think that will be fun for her to find!  This is quite time consuming, but I love how it looks so far.

Squiggly wiggly quilting
I have some more squiggling to do, then I will be quilting the borders & doing the binding.  The borders will not be quite as busy.  The backing looks like a cloud, and I will be doing the binding in some rainbow striped fabric.  Her birthday is in early April and I WILL have it done by then!!