Friday, December 19


Maybe it's just a problem of mis-expectations. Misplaced expectations. Mistaken expectations.

Do I expect too much of my son? I realize he's only verging on 4 - but other times he seems so smart, independent, responsible, helpful - that it makes his really 3 year old moments that much more unbearable.

Do I expect too much of my daughter? She's so easygoing that it's easy to expect her to be able to handle a lot more comings and goings and then I'm surprised when she has a meltdown from exhaustion or hunger. hmmm. Here's your sign. She IS only 8 months old.

Do I expect too much of my husband? We've had a lot of conversations in our 9 years of knowing each other about our idiosyncracies, expectations, childhoods, and dreams for the future. So why do I put unrealistic expectations on him?!! It's not fair to either of us.

Do I expect too much of myself? I can't expect to be a perfect parent to my children, a perfect wife to my husband, a perfect crafty-sewing-business owner. I need to somehow (??!!!) figure out a way to be o.k. with the mistakes I make, and realize that life will go on, and it will go on happily and probably even more peacefully if I just let go of some of my expectations.

I KNOW I don't expect too much of myself on the domestic home-front side of life :-) Just check out the dust bunnies & the dirty dishes piling up on the counter. And oh yeah, we ate dinner out.

And yes I did get over it. Doubt. Shoved that in the corner with the dust bunnies.

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