Friday, November 13

annikka's dress

Guess what - another blue dress!
It's a very similar (if not the same) bodice as so many of Dawn's designs, but instead of short sleeves or sleeveless, it has long sleeves. YAY! I used some beautiful white floral buttons for the back. So sweet.
The double-layer skirt definitely adds some weight to the dress, but the swirl factor is amazing! The fabrics I chose are a bit busy, but depending on what you pick, you could embellish the bottom hemlines with so many fun things like ricrac and ribbon! I'm thinking I'm going to add a navy ribbon around the waistline too - just a little something extra. You could also strip piece the topskirt for some added color & pattern. There's just so many options with this dress!
The next time I make this, I think I'm going to try it with finewale corduroy. There's so many beautiful prints out there, and gorgeous coordinating solids.

Buy your own pattern from Olabelhe Designs here.


Lisa @ Life with 4! said...

that is one of the prettiest little dresses i've ever seen. i love the color and fabric choice!

Anonymous said...

I agree. Two busy fabrics that go together nicely, especially in this dress style.