Sunday, November 29

o christmas tree...peace version

We have two Christmas trees... oh yes we do. We have one small one (sitting on top of a box) so it's just the right height to be seen in the front window. It's a fake tree, and it's smaller, so it always gets put up first. (As in as soon as possible after Thanksgiving!!!!!)It's "MY" tree - but that probably means something different to most of you. It is not your typical "perfect" designer tree. It is my "peace" tree. It has blue and white lights (shocking, I know) and only blue, white and silver ornaments. However, it's not as matchy-matchy as you might think.It has a dove that Conner made last year in preschool. It's a fun foam body, paper folded wings & tail feathers.It has a few doves that I made using a Family Fun pattern a few years ago. (If you look at the big tree picture you will see them in a ring around the bottom - perfect kid grabbing height!)

It also has a lace dove from my mother-in-law, glass etched balls, and a heart that says "peace" on it. There are some glitter-covered balls (took a picture, it didn't turn out. use your imagination.) and some plain shiny balls. Those are all higher up on the tree.

I love this tree because it's blue :) because it's pretty in my front window :) and because it is a symbol to me of part of the spirit of Christmas... finding peace in your life, peace in Christ, and peace in the world.