Monday, September 27

go team!!!!

Conner is on a soccer team this fall.  It means one or two nights a week at a practice and a Saturday morning game.  It gives the little siblings and parents lots of time to chat on the sidelines!
Abby made a new friend - and they played together happily for a while.
I was using my husband's camera which I'm not used to yet.  Sorry it's a little out of focus.
Her little friend E was just the right size for the GO TEAM soccer dress.  She's concentrating so hard in this picture - too cute!

Nevermind that the game was behind her, she was still cheering for her big brother - I'm sure.

Here's mom's picture taken at home.  What a doll.
Thanks A for sharing your adorable daughter!  Thanks E for modeling!

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MaryAnne said...

What a cute little girl! And a darling dress =)