Friday, September 24


MaryAnne had some fun questions to answer... here's what I came up with.
  1. What does your child/children want to be for Halloween?  - right now we're discussing Sully, Batman (NOT my favorite choice), and the Beast (from Beauty & the Beast).  I'm hoping we can narrow it down soon - I'm personally rallying for Sully.  Then Abby can be Boo :)
  2. What’s your favorite color?
    Blue!!!! turquoise, cobalt, bright blues, pastel blues - love them all.  Even the funky bright blue you get on your dashboard panel when you put on your brights in the car.
  3. What’s your favorite website?
    I think I agree with MaryAnne on this one - Google reader.  It's definitely the most visited. :)
  4. Has your child/children started their Christmas list yet?
    Not really, but I'm sure relatives will start asking soon.  Especially since my son sees things when we're out and about, and I often tell him "put it on your wish list".  It shouldn't be hard to make a real wish list instead of just the hypothetical/ stop asking me in the store list!
  5. What do you worry most about (that is, if you are a worrier like myself)?
    I just want my family and friends to be healthy and happy.  Lately that's been a little hard to come by for some of them, so I just want things to turn around for them!
  6. What is the one food you could not give up (and yes, chocolate is a food group)?
    Chocolate.  And probably cheese.  And bread.  Basically any carbs that are bad for me.
  7. What is something that you do not like doing on a daily basis, but you do anyway?
    cleaning. dishes. turning off my sewing machine.
  8. What meal do you cook most for dinner?
    Sadly, lately it seems anything that can be cooked in 20 minutes or less.  Mac & cheese, hot dogs, pizza, chicken nuggets.... our evening schedules are busier than I want them to be right now (can't wait for soccer to be done!)
  9. Do you have a tattoo? No - and no plans or wishes to get one!!
  10. Who is your favorite children’s author?
    so many great choices!  I would most love to meet Tomie dePaola.  I most love reading Laura Ingalls Wilder.  But even those two choices seem so limiting...  Eric Carle. Eve Bunting. Patricia Polacco. Sharon Creech. Kevin Henkes. ok. I'll stop now.
  11. What is your favorite fragrance, ie, perfume, body splash, lotion?
    Lily of the Valley or Honeysuckle.  I rarely use them, but enjoy sweet flower smells.
  12. What is your favorite nice place to eat out without kids?
    Barones - our favorite pizza restaurant!  We love some of the chains too though - Chili's, Red Robin.
  13. What is your favorite childhood memory? summer vacations with the family - we took so many special trips around the United States.  My favorite vacations are probably to Lake Michigan & the family cottage in South Haven.
  14. If you could travel anywhere instantly, for a single afternoon, where would you go?  probably to see my brother, or someplace in the Appalachian mountains.  Although - I've always wanted to go to Hawaii......
  15. What’s something quirky or funny that you remember doing as a child?  I'm sure if I thought long enough I could come up with a long list of funny things I did - and I'm sure my brother would be happy to help.  I know I loved goofing around with my cousins.  As far as quirky - I used to eat my candy (like M&Ms, skittles, valentine's hearts) in rainbow order.
Do any of these questions trigger funny stories - or great answers?  Share in the comments or link to your blog post full of answers!

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MaryAnne said...

I loved reading your answers to these questions - thanks for participating!

Eating candy in rainbow order, that's a cool quirky kid thing! And you are the second blogger to mention Kevin Henkes, so I really need to check out his books! And I love the bright blue on the dashboard when you turn on your brights!

Sully and Boo would be ADORABLE for Halloween, so I really hope your son picks Sully!