Friday, January 21

change of latitude

SO - 5 days before Christmas I started moving my studio downstairs.  {YES, I realize I'm crazy.}  I finally have things {mostly} organized and picture worthy.  I don't have nearly as much natural light because it is our basement, and there is only one small window.  I'm working on lighting and how to take good pictures in the dark.
The books have been down there since we moved in - most of them are from my teaching days and from my childhood.  However, I will own it.  I LOVE children's books.  I have a LOT of books.  We have a good library in our town, but we rarely visit it because we hardly have time to read the books we do have!  Anyway, back to the studio.
When we moved in we had some flooding issues and replaced the carpet with the foam squares.  I love it, and think it will be nice bright fun flooring for the craft room.

The green chair is my "dreaming chair" - perfect for reading a book, reading a magazine, sketching, or working with the kids at their craft table.  The quilt is one made by my grandma - it is poofy and warm and I LOVE it!!!

The kids craft table is in perfect view of my work space, but all their supplies are on their side.  There are two plastic drawer storage units holding their supplies, and a cardboard box full of boxes, toilet paper tubes, and other fun recyclable bits perfect for random creations.  I have two task lights by my cutting table and drawing table, and my sewing machine is at a right angle to the wall.  Behind my tables is a shorter bookshelf to hold sewing books, business paperwork, and information for my sewing machine.  Lots of other supplies are mixed in with the bookshelves on the far wall.

Behind my work table there is a ledge.  On it sits different projects and works-in-progress.  Above it is my shelf of ribbon.  Underneath the ribbon shelf is a cork strip holding the order forms.  Looks like I better get busy!!

My stash.  Yeah.  I better get busy sewing!!!  There are more empty tubes, rolls of freezer paper and contact paper.  There's also a few electronic components and speakers from when this used to be shelving for our TV room.  Not everything is in its perfect spot yet... but electronic components are my husband's arena.

The last shot is just for fun - my collection of Sharpie markers sitting on my drawing table.  I love Sharpies.  Bright. Bold. So versatile.  LOVE them.

I'm really happy with the set-up, and I feel like I'm on the brink of really getting going again.  It's not necessarily the perfect set-up, I wish the walls weren't that weird textured stuff so I could paint them, storage isn't perfect, but it's MY space and I'll keep adding little touches to make it more creative and inspiring.
Color & inspiration - where do you find it?

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MaryAnne said...

Do you read the apartment therapy blog? They have some really cool ideas!