Tuesday, January 4


It's been a crazy two months.  Let's recap:
-craft show
-You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown (played keyboard in the pit, the show was two weekends)
-week long trip to North Carolina (Thanksgiving with my brother!)
-Christmas presents (some still in progress)
-Christmas orders
-rearranging my living room, play room, and craft room (pics to come, I promise)
-trip to Michigan (Christmas with aunts, uncles, cousins)
-lots of overtime for my husband

So - here I am.  I made it to January, and I've been doing a lot of thinking about what I want 2011 to look like.  Last year I picked a word and this year, I've done that too.  But more than just a word, I have a phrase that hopefully signifies my new outlook on life.

In my kid's playroom, I have three words painted on the wall - Live Laugh Love.  Next to them are three picture frames, each with a picture signifying it.  As much as those three words are important to me, I believe there is so much more to life... so my new phrase is "Love-Believe-Give-Live".  Not that I don't want to laugh a little along the way too, but I just think that it is important to believe in something and to give what you can when you can.
I'm not sure how much I'll be sharing here in this space, but my life is definitely headed down another path.

So, my word for the year is: contentment.
Not everything was fulfilled last year as I may have wanted it to be.  So my goal this year is to understand that the control freak inside of me needs to chill out and be content!!!  I have so much to be thankful for, and happiness and contentment is waiting for me.  I'm not trying to just maintain or be complacent, but find contentment in my life.

What does the new year hold for you?

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MaryAnne said...

You've been so busy! I like your word for the year.

Here are my goals: