Wednesday, March 9

baking ingredients

Homemade vanilla... yum!  I used my Silhouette & vinyl to fancy up this bottle from the Crate&Barrel Outlet store.

What are the ingredients?  Well, I bought Mexican vanilla beans a few months ago at a specialty cooking store.  They fit pretty well in a (very well-cleaned out) Prego jar.  I then poured in the Vodka.  After letting it sit for a couple months, it was ready to use.  This is a shot of my second batch I just started.

I think the original "recipe" said leave it sit for 6-8 weeks, and since I started it in February, my next batch should be ready by mid April.

We're also trying the same "experiment" with some mint leaves from our garden, harvested last fall. We're hoping to get some yummy mint flavoring!  Anybody else have special ingredients they make in non-traditional ways?


MaryAnne said...

I bet that vanilla will be really tasty!

A trick I learned from living in Austria is to put a vanilla bean in some sugar, and then use that sugar for making hot chocolate, etc with a hint of vanilla - delicious!

Jackie said...

You do the Baldwin Sisters proud!