Sunday, March 13


I haven't exactly been a loyal blogger this year.  I haven't exactly been a crazy busy seamstress this year.  I have been thinking a lot about what I'm doing with this life of mine, and how to make my time here matter.  I've eluded to my Love-Believe-Give-Live mentality before, and I decided to work harder to live what I believe.  That is playing out in a lot of ways in my personal life, but I wanted to bring that to my sewing/ blogging life as well.

Let me introduce you to my new blog Sew..Give!
My plan for this new blog is to feature ways for hand-sewn items to be placed in the hands of people who need them.  I encourage you to check in every so often, find a place that is of interest to you, and join in.  I think people who craft from the heart are always looking for the right place to send their special blanket, quilt or garment - and I am hoping to be a resource for all the generous crafters out there who like to SEW... and then GIVE!

If you have an organization that you would like featured, leave me a comment here or there, or email me at

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