Thursday, April 7

bunny cookies

I have been wanting to do some fancy royal icing style cookies for a while now.  I found a stacking Bunny cookie set and got to work.  I tried a new cookie recipe (as in from scratch, not from the tube).  It was a little dry but I got it to work.

I mixed up some royal icing and piped the edges.  After (painfully) making it around one bunny, I watered it down some more and piped everything else.  Much easier with the right consistency!!
I let the icing dry for an hour.  Then I watered it down some more and flooded the cookies.
Then my new photographer took over the photography responsibilities.
Always interesting to see things from his perspective!
taken on my iPhone
He staged these next few shots:

 The bunny whiskers were drawn on with FoodWriter markers.
 Then we found a Peter Rabbit plate for this picture.
 Abby was feeling left out so I took a picture of her, and he had to jump in too. :)

Lessons learned:
Wilton recipe books aren't always all they're cracked up to be - sometimes the internet IS more reliable. (the internet recipe called for more water, which ended up being the right choice)
Trust my instincts - more water IS ok, despite all warnings to the contrary.
My son may have a future in food blogging, photography, or cookie eating/drooling.

More bunny party goodies coming up soon!

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grandmarockton said...

So cute any boys around COOKIE at my house would be EATING them, or at least touching to frosting checker!