Monday, April 11

bunny party

Abby's 3rd birthday party was all about bunnies!  The treats were on a bookshelf in our kitchen.  There are some mossy bunnies from Pier One, a couple white wooden bunnies from Total Class Creative, the bunny cookies, some bunny-shaped SweetTarts, and pink bunnies I made from Wilton molds & chocolate melts.

I love tulips!  They opened up even more throughout the party.  We had some on the table too.

The kids hunted for an orange carrot outside, then came inside and opened it to find beads to make a bunny necklace.

A little rabbit food for our guests - a salad bar, a couple muffins to choose from, and a couple pre-made salads on the other side of the lettuce.

The birthday bunny and her brother and cousins!

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