Friday, April 29

bunny cards

I realized I never shared the invites and thank yous from the bunny party.  I cut out the bunnies with my Silhouette.  You can tell I used the same bunny outline for both, but with the thank you cards I cut the words out of the middle too.

The styles are pretty simple, I just used some pinks and greens I had in my stash.  Don't you love the little bunny brads on the inside of the invites?
I used a little green rhinestone on the thank you bunny eyes.

Tuesday, April 19

hemp & purple

I really love trying out new to me crafts.  I got some hemp, some big beads, and got busy.

I followed the directions here and due to some measuring and counting issues ended up with an anklet for myself instead of a bracelet.  Abby liked it too, and lucky for her it's a perfect necklace/choker (not too tight) size.  I did decide that if I make another one, I will not use beads that are that round because the strings around the side keep slipping.  It was also pretty important to pay attention to which side I knotted on so I didn't start a spiral.  All in all, I'm happy with the result!

Monday, April 18

rainbow vanity

We haven't transitioned Abby to a big girl room (yet) but when we do it is (probably) going to have a lot of rainbow in it.  We ordered a chair and vanity from Total Class Creative.
Shawn set up a spray paint area in the garage for me.
Then I got busy and painted a rainbow on the table and a rainbow on the chair.  I did a clear coat and put the pieces together.  The "mirror" is white like a cloud... right?  The base of the table is white too.
I hung some 3M hooks on the wall to hold her necklaces and gave her a small box to hold a couple hair clips and bracelets.  She loves dressing up now even more than before!

Thursday, April 14

birthday cake

I actually made this for my mom's birthday a few weeks ago.
The cherry blossoms on the side were probably a bit much, but it was fun to make and delicious to eat!

Tuesday, April 12

bunny birthday beauty

This is the bunny birthday dress.  I patched the skirt with a bunch of fabrics to match the bunnies.
The pattern is Jillian's Jumper from Olabelhe.
Just a few more pictures of the birthday girl with her fancy hair clip swirling about in her special party dress...

Monday, April 11

bunny party

Abby's 3rd birthday party was all about bunnies!  The treats were on a bookshelf in our kitchen.  There are some mossy bunnies from Pier One, a couple white wooden bunnies from Total Class Creative, the bunny cookies, some bunny-shaped SweetTarts, and pink bunnies I made from Wilton molds & chocolate melts.

I love tulips!  They opened up even more throughout the party.  We had some on the table too.

The kids hunted for an orange carrot outside, then came inside and opened it to find beads to make a bunny necklace.

A little rabbit food for our guests - a salad bar, a couple muffins to choose from, and a couple pre-made salads on the other side of the lettuce.

The birthday bunny and her brother and cousins!

Thursday, April 7

bunny cookies

I have been wanting to do some fancy royal icing style cookies for a while now.  I found a stacking Bunny cookie set and got to work.  I tried a new cookie recipe (as in from scratch, not from the tube).  It was a little dry but I got it to work.

I mixed up some royal icing and piped the edges.  After (painfully) making it around one bunny, I watered it down some more and piped everything else.  Much easier with the right consistency!!
I let the icing dry for an hour.  Then I watered it down some more and flooded the cookies.
Then my new photographer took over the photography responsibilities.
Always interesting to see things from his perspective!
taken on my iPhone
He staged these next few shots:

 The bunny whiskers were drawn on with FoodWriter markers.
 Then we found a Peter Rabbit plate for this picture.
 Abby was feeling left out so I took a picture of her, and he had to jump in too. :)

Lessons learned:
Wilton recipe books aren't always all they're cracked up to be - sometimes the internet IS more reliable. (the internet recipe called for more water, which ended up being the right choice)
Trust my instincts - more water IS ok, despite all warnings to the contrary.
My son may have a future in food blogging, photography, or cookie eating/drooling.

More bunny party goodies coming up soon!

Wednesday, April 6

fancy hair

A couple weeks ago my sister-in-law and I got together for a crafty girls night.  It ends up we did a lot more talking than crafting.  In fact, Conner was pretty disappointed in our lack of product.  It was funny.

We tried our hand at "boutique bows" and an Easter bunny clippie.  Guess what Abby's getting for her birthday?

The Easter bunny directions are here.