Wednesday, May 2

oversized turquoise and bows

I love this dress.  So does my daughter.  Unfortunately, I can't measure.  The bodice was way too wide and she was unable to wear it for Easter.
Turquoise floral dress - front
The turquoise fabric itself is a little thicker weight than the typical cottons I usually use when I sew.  I don't remember what it's called, but I wish I could find more fabric in this weight.  It was a job to work with!  The straps and midriff contrast panel are a solid pink cotton.  The hairbows were made from a matching turquoise ribbon and some wavy edged bright pink Hobby Lobby's ribbons.
Turquoise floral dress with hairbows
This dress has a zipper on the back.  I don't feel quite as comfortable with how it turned out.  The pink actually matched up pretty well but it took a lot of re-working.  The fabric below the pink doesn't really seem to lay as smoothly as it should either.  I still have a lot to learn about zipper insertion!
Turquoise floral dress - back

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grandmarockton said...

Beautiful and ready for warm weather!