Thursday, May 17

crossover dress and knit pants

One of my three nieces had a birthday this month, and this was her special outfit.  The pants were originally going to be capris, but I am never a good judge of length for her and didn't have a chance to measure her - so they ended up being more like pedal pushers.  They are made out of a green ribbed knit.  The dress is made with coordinating fabrics from Hobby Lobby (which has matching ribbon too - bonus!).  The green ric rac I had in my stash.  To be honest, if I do this pattern again I will be really tempted to rethink the straps.  They are not finished nicely in my opinion - you are supposed to serge or zigzag the edge and put the ric rac over the top.  I don't see why you couldn't have made it a tube instead for a more finished edge, but didn't realize it until it was too late to change.

Crossover Dress & Knit pants

The back of the top has green heart buttons to hold the straps on and yellow buttons to open up the back.

Crossover Dress - back