Wednesday, June 13

turtle stuff for baby B

Besides the turtle quilt you saw yesterday, the new baby has a bunch of matching goodies coming his way.
This romper is a simple pattern with facing at the neckline.
Turtle romper

The romper has snap tape at the crotch for ease with diapers.  This babe will be cloth diapered (I am told) and I don't quite know how that will affect the fit.  Hopefully it works out.
Turtle romper - snaps

The romper buttons at the shoulder are a bright green.  They are not purely decorative, they can be used for ease of dressing as well.
Turtle romper - buttons

I tried something new with this burp cloth - piping.  It feels a little silly to have such a fancy "puke rag" as they are sometimes called in our house, but I think it looks really nice and makes for a classy edging.  Who says you can't have a fancy puke rag? haha.
Turtle Burp Cloth

The lovey blanket is turtle fabric on one side and a light green minkee on the other side.  Even though there's not a lot of orange and yellow on the fabric, I included yellows and oranges in the grosgrain and satin ribbons to coordinate with the quilt and because I think they look great together!
Turtle lovey

This fuzzy cube has a few minkees, fleece, turtle fabric, and white dots mixed with a lot of grosgrain and satin ribbons.  It is full of textures for baby to enjoy and explore!
Turtle fuzzy cube

Here is the matching hat.  It is a fully lined bucket hat.  Now that it's done I kind of wish I'd tried to include some piping on it - maybe made out of the binding from the quilt.  Either way, I think their babe will look adorable in it!
Turtle hat

So many goodies for Baby B to enjoy!

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grandmarockton said...

LUCKY little TURTLES I'd say!