Tuesday, June 12

turtle quilt for baby B

This turtle quilt is for my cousin's baby, due in July.  My cousin and her husband have actually seen turtles headed to the ocean - pretty amazing, I'm sure.  Add that to my bucket list, please!  When she saw this quilt a few years ago, she told me then to keep it in mind for her someday.  I am so excited that I finally got to make it for her!!
Turtle quilt - large view

The turtle tracks around the edge are actually three wavy lines meant to be the part where the turtle's body drags along, and the bumps on the edge are the "paddle" marks they make.
Turtle quilt - turtle tracks

The turtle applique was zig-zagged around the edges, and then zig-zag quilted on the orange swirl.  The yellow "sand" underneath was tightly quilted for texture.
Turtle quilt - applique

The squares around the turtle applique were quilted in wavy lines to imitate the ocean waves.  The "blue" squares turned out various shades of blue and teal because of variations in the fabric.  I lvoe how it looks!
Turtle quilt - applique corner

The binding is so beautiful - I love how the greens, blues, and teals all change and evolve around the edge.  I just need to work on the corners.  They are not easy for me.
Turtle Quilt - Backing & Binding

Best wishes to S&T on their new arrival...whenever he arrives!

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