Tuesday, January 22

pleats & shoes

The littlest niece I have is just 7 months old.  Her sisters were the ones who got the "Piper" dresses for Christmas, so I picked out a pleated skirt pattern for her from Little Lizard King.
E Skirt & shoes
The shoe pattern - honestly I've been searching and can't find the link to the pattern I used.  I will edit & add later if I find it.  There are a variety of shoe patterns out there, and I've been a little nervous to give them a try.  I will definitely embellish them more the next time around, and maybe plan the print of the fabric a little better.  I didn't use leather, but considering they're baby shoes not made for a lot of hard core walking around, I'm not worried.  The soles are made from the white grippy fabric in case she does need a little traction.
The shoes were definitely fun and easy.  I am looking for excuses to make more!

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