Wednesday, May 15

matching purses and pouches

I decided to try my hand at a couple Noodlehead patterns, the 241 Tote and the Gathered Clutch.
Noodlehead 241 - pink

My son's teacher loves pink, so I wanted to give her something she'd like without going over the bubble-gum top!
Pink pouch

One of my daughter's teachers loves flowers in her yard, and the color red.
Noodlehead 241 - red floral

The polka dots on the red are actually kind of a shiny silver.
red floral pouch

Her other teacher loves purple - so she got a purple/silver dot & floral mix.
Noodlehead 241 - purple floral

It was fun mixing and matching different fabrics.  I've made a few clutches before, so they came together pretty easily.  The 241 tote has a lot more steps and pieces, but is still pretty easy to put together.  I haven't tried it yet with the inset pocket.  I'm saving that project for another day!
purple floral pouch

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