Thursday, May 27

craft room redo

I've updated a little, reorganized, moved furniture and I am loving it!  Here's the new and improved studio!  You may note a big pile of fabric on the far wall - it's supposed to be put away on the shelves underneath.  But I wouldn't want you to think I could actually have it all organized at once?!!!!  The piano is just to the right around the corner, and the display shelf is still on the wall there.  The fabric shelves in the middle of the room have some of the small things like burp cloths, hairclips, etc. in tubs on top.  The cutting table is against the far wall under the ribbons.  I keep some of my paperwork stuff in a vertical file on the wall.  Scrapbooking stuff is in tubs underneath that table.  Kids' messy stuff is next to the cutting table.  Their craft table is right in between my sewing table and the kitchen table in the next room.
Here's the other side of the fabric shelves - I got a new table to hold both machines.  Woo-hoo!
This is now my dreaming table.  It houses my tub of colored pencils, my tub of Sharpies, and a tub of index cards for little notes and sketches.  It's also my music center - gotta have tunes to craft to!  It's next to the shelves that hold some of my idea books, portfolio, patterns, etc.
Just a shot of some of the pretty stuff on top of the bookshelf.  So many cute things to use on my next project!


MaryAnne said...

Your craft room looks great! As much as I appreciate the computer center I turned into a craft center, I would love to have an actual room!

Jaimie said...

What an amazing space you have! It must be so inspiring.

anka said...

It's such a lovely room. I like it a lot. Enjoy it and drain it of all the inspiration it can give you!