Friday, May 28

summer's almost here!

Have you ever "met" Meg of whatever?  She is an amazing photographer and has a great sense of humor.  She lives in Kansas with her kids & hubby and she is definitely a must-read for me.
She and her family made their summer list... and inspired me to make our list.  Looks like the kids and I are going to be busy!!!  Hopefully Daddy can join us for a couple of the outings.
Can you guess which one was my addition to the list?  Uh yeah... fabric shopping extraordinaire at Vogue!  Conner's excited about seeing how many parks we can get to on our list.

As much as we want to have fun, I know there will be times to be at home too. So here's the kids' home lists.  Guess which one I added to Conner's list. ;)  Abby's list says bike because we're hoping she'll be able to coordinate herself on her trike.  I'm also hoping we can get in some water play without the screaming and drama of the other day - that's why sunscreen made it on the list.

What's on your summer list?

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