Wednesday, May 12

natalie's dress, version 2

I had a request for another "Natalie's Dress" - she wanted it in blue, how could I say no?!

This time I did it without the crinoline layer - the customer wanted the beautiful silhouette of the dress without the poofy-ness.

I used pearl buttons on the back, and a straight-ended sash.

I've been busy with some other projects... statistical work, presents for a new baby, and presents for a baby on the way.  It's also been raining a lot so not a lot of pictures to share.  Coming up soon - hopefully some serged napkins, a Pez holder and a color/texture/I Spy book.  I've also been testing a couple patterns, so when they are finished I'll be happy to share them with you.  So cute!!!!  I also dropped off my name onesies & hats at the store the other day - so they will hopefully be on display soon and I'll be receiving orders!!!