Monday, June 21

just keep swimming...

I've been spending some of my crafting time this past week on a different project - but I promise I do have a dress to show off tomorrow too.  May I introduce you to our very own aquarium?

The kid's bathroom was originally painted all white, and had a blue and white striped bathroom curtain.  It had duck deco and although cute at one time, I was getting a little tired of it.  Curious George & the ducks had to go!!!!  I didn't even do a before picture.  I'm sure you can envision an all white bathroom.  This is definitely a darker bathroom now, and since it's all interior the pictures are a bit dark too.  We're discussing ways to change the lighting a little.  We will probably end up changing out the fan to a light/fan combo and will leave the fixture above the mirror.
We were definitely inspired by Nemo - he and his friends are swimming all around us.  The cabinet above the toilet was from the previously all-white bathroom, and we decided to leave it as is.  Check out the awesome tie-dye swirly shower curtain!
Sit down on the toilet and have a conversation with Nemo and his Dad... or make faces at the pufferfish in the corner by the tub.  We decided not to redo the {ugly} brown linoleum floor, tan toilet, tan shower, and tan sink.  Instead, I'm just pretending that it's sand in our aquarium.  Can you pretend with me?
Above the kid's towels are pictures of them looking in the Caribbean Reef aquarium at the Shedd.  We went this past weekend {they LOVED it} and Abby can't stop saying "fish, fish, fish" when we go in there.
Of course I had help painting.  He was eager to help with the orange cabinet and he helped a little with the first coat on one of the blue walls too.  He thought the roller was tons of fun!!!  Most of the painting I did after the kids went to bed.
The front of the cabinets - do they look like they're missing something?  Ha.  Yeah, the cabinet doors aren't painted yet.  But I just couldn't wait to reveal it all to you.  So imagine blue cabinet doors with orange handles.  I lined the inside of the {ugly} dark brown cabinet with white contact paper to lighten it up in there a little.  Toys on the right, TP, bubble bath and Clorox wipes in the tub on the left.  Drawer on the left - band aids and nail clippers.  Drawer on the right - some of Abby's hair stuff.
The mirror used to be just dark wood around the edge - another orange accent now!
Silver towel rods and faucet were also leftovers from the previous bathroom design.
Dory (the forgetful fish) is full of reminders for the kids on the chalkboard speech bubble.
There's even a place for other fun notes to each other, reminders for the day, whatever inspires them!  Just to the left above the white hand towel is a picture of Conner meeting Crush at Disney World ("Turtle Talk" at Epcot).  I forgot to include that in the picture, but it's just another fun touch to the bathroom and a reminder of our trip.  I wrote "just keep swimming" on the chalk board because that was a line from the "Finding Nemo: Musical" we saw at Animal Kingdom.
We did consider putting some kind of fishing net or fishing boat on the ceiling, but for now it's just blue like the walls.

Hope you enjoyed the tour!

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MaryAnne said...

So cute, and the shower curtain is the perfect touch!

Beckie said...

Very cute! I love the chalkboard clever! Thanks for linking up!

Beth@The Stories of A2Z said...

Love the use of your chalkboards here! How cute!! Thanks so much for linking up :).

sportzmom said...

So cute. Did you make the shower curtain? I love the chalkboard notes!