Tuesday, June 1

staying friends

Conner has been going to preschool this year with a lot of kids from all around our town and the neighboring town.  Most of them will not be at his elementary school, let alone his middle school or even high school.  He's very concerned about not seeing them again, so we decided to make him his very own "business card".  (It helps that mommy and daddy each have their own business card.)  I just made them using a digital pic & a label template in Word.  Then I printed them on cardstock and cut them.  He's going to bring them to school and pass them out before the last day.
(obviously I blocked out his last name & the rest of our phone number in the screen capture, but you get the idea)

Making & keeping friends is such a tricky thing... I've made contact with a few of the moms already anyway - but I like him being proactive about maintaining friendships that are important to him.


Jackie said...

This is one of the best preschool ideas I have ever heard!! Super!!!!cotabl

MaryAnne said...

What a great idea!