Friday, June 4

lil blue boo knit dress

I've got to get going on more serger stuff so I decided to buy myself a knit dress pattern.  It is the oh-so-popular Lil Blue Boo Recycled Tshirt Sienna Dress by Ashley of Lil Blue Boo.  It was easy to follow and had lots of good ideas for ways to change it up.  Her blog is chock full of other embellishments, stenciling and decorating tips.  I got my husband to clean out a couple of old tshirts from his closet and I got to work.  I did find the pattern a little short for my taste, but add a ruffle on the bottom and it was set to go!

One of the best parts is this dress was (basically) free!  The discussion continues in our house whether I should have done the seams on the outside or inside.  What's your vote?

On my next one I'll probably do them all on the inside and we'll see how it looks.  I have a tshirt with dolphins on it ready to become a dress!
School's out for summer now though - so we'll see how my crafting life holds up as we attempt to do a lot of the activities on our list too!!!!


Nata-Leigh (Lubbock's Mom) said...

Outside is my vote!

Mama Lusco said...

Looks great! I like to serge the main bodice & skirt pieces on the outside and side seams on the inside. However you do it they turn out cute! It's fun to combine the LBB Hoodie pattern with the Sienna to make Hoodie dresses. Once you start sewing them you'll never throw away a t-shirt...I have a garbage bag full waiting to be made into dresses :)