Friday, January 1


What's your word for the year?

Mine is...


I want my family to be fulfilled - kids, husband, extended family - let's live a life that is overflowing with abundance, generosity, and goodness.
I want my spirit to be fulfilled - through reading books, through my church life, through my creative endeavors.
I want my friends to be fulfilled - in real life and in the blogging world - I want the best for you all, and I want my relationships to grow meaningfully with you.
I want my business to be fulfilling - to grow customers, to grow new ideas & designs - and to be a special unique creative place.

(after typing fulfill over and over and over again I'm having a good laugh. seriously - does that ever happen to you?)

Wishing you all an amazingly FULFILLING New Year!!

{ check out Ali Edwards for more of her thoughts on this cool idea! She's been doing it for a couple years now. }

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