Monday, May 16

activity book

Have you seen Crayola's dry erase crayons?  I think they'll be fun for a car activity book, don't you?  I bought a 5-1/2x8-1/2 binder and filler pages.
I added a little embellishment to the "mitt" that came with the crayons.  That way she can cinch it shut and it can be kept in the binder.
I filled the pages with downloaded coloring pages of some of her favorite characters. (Also included - Minnie, Cinderella, Ariel)
 I sketched a butterfly, a face, and a house for her to color in.

I also used Picnik's pencil sketch feature and made a few family pictures for her to color.

Other pages included:
-a page with her full name and address so she can practice writing it.
-cupcake to decorate for her birthday, and the birthday date next to it
-a blank "paper doll" to dress

When she's done coloring on the plastic page protector, she can erase it and draw again another time!  Her father is quite an artist too, so he can add more pictures any time.  As her favorite characters change, they can always add new characters too.
Have fun, T!


Jackie said...

Are there blamk pages, too? Very cute and creative!!

Myrnie said...

Brilliant! I hadn't seen these crayons, but Crayola is coming out with a lot of fun products lately :)