Tuesday, May 17

twirly skirt, take 2

I love Hobby Lobby coordinating and fabrics and ribbons - so I've been busy playing with them!  The bow was made using this tutorial.  Mine doesn't quite look like hers, but it was a good place to start from and I'm excited to keep practicing.
I made a flower and put it on a tank to match.  The center is a sparkly button.
The skirt is Little Lizard King's peek-a-boo skirt, more commonly known in our house as the Twirly Skirt.  It is really full and SO much fun to twirl in!  (First time sewing it was here.)
Happy Birthday, T!  Thanks for letting Abby model it first.  She's tried it out, and it's totally twirl-worthy for you!

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grandmarockton said...

This is tooooooo CUTE! going to have to make more I'm betting