Wednesday, May 18

peter pan collar, attempted

Her nails were recently painted pink, and that was quite possibly more exciting than the new dress & "pearls"!  The pearl necklace is actually fake pearls strung on elastic stretchy cord and tied to be an easy on-easy off for her.
The pinafore on top has ties at the shoulder and a lined bodice.  The fabric is a very light white cotton with pink flocked dots.
The dress has a Peter Pan collar - woo hoo for new skills! and elastic on a short gathered sleeve.
 The back of the pinafore has two buttons with a loop closure.  I am not happy with how the zipper lined up at the top on the dress so I made sure not to really show it.  I'm not sure if it just wasn't lined up to start with (I thought it was!) or if I messed it up when I was putting the collar on.  Either way, I'm happy with how the collar lays, so that is a big deal!
 The kids decided to take her dolly for a little walk before church one morning.  So cute :)

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MaryAnne said...

This dress is darling! I love the sleeves, and any dress with a pinafore just looks extra cute. The collar did turn out great, too!