Thursday, August 11

blue floral, yes indeed

Yes, I have actually been doing a little "fun" sewing this summer.  Between being a mom, custom orders, and random outings, my sewing time has been significantly less this summer!  Today and tomorrow though I'm doing a little showing off.  This is an "Amelia" dress (with bubble skirt) by Olabelhe Designs.
I have no idea what she was doing with her hand.  Silly pose, right?  I love the simple silhouette of the dress, but the scoop neckline seemed a little deep for her, and when she sat down I was wishing the skirt was a little longer.
She loved running around in it, her play shoes matched nicely, and I figured out how to get a pretty bow in back!!!!  It went together very quickly too, because I just made two for a customer, and I'm pretty comfortable with Dawn's designs at this point.

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grandmarockton said...

BEAUTIFUL ! and she is too