Wednesday, August 10

i love patty young

I'm sure you've all heard of Patty Young, right?  Patty Young of ModKid?  Well, it just so happens that she and her studio are about 2 hours from me and my studio (basement workspace, whatever).  What better way to spend a Friday afternoon with my mom and kids than to take a little roadtrip?!!!  After a quick stop at Dairy Queen & a local park, we were off to her Sample Sale and Open House.  We met her, her husband Jon, and two girls.  {Bad blogger, no pictures.  I didn't want to be too celebrity-crazed or whatever.  Probably should have just taken the camera, right?}  I just was so happy that my kids behaved and that I got to have a (short) chat with her.  She loved seeing my Abby in her Abigail dress, and I loved showing off, who am I kidding.  The dress had gotten a little short on her, but still fit in the bodice/shoulders.  Woohoo!  Then my mom and I did a little shopping.  I bought a sample ribbon box and some patterns, and my mom got Abby a Frida dress.
The bodice on this one is a light jean fabric.  My mom and I loved the cute buttons and the neckline.
You can't really see in these pictures, but there's ties on each side.  I'm looking forward to making her one or two more!  I might try it sleeveless with corduroy and see how it works.

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grandmarockton said...

Such fun for everyone I'd like for roadtrip and new dress!