Friday, August 12

blue floral - yep, i did it again

This is the "Lauren" dress by Olabelhe Designs.  I made it up in a blue floral from Heidi Grace, with a coordinating green for the underskirt, tie, and pockets.
The pockets are HUGE and perfect for sticking your hands in while you swirl and twirl!!!
See... look how big they are!!!
The tie is so long, I was able to wrap it back around front to tie it.  I'm not sure I like it that way, I was just experimenting.
Here's a close-up of the fabric and buttons on the back.  It's mostly a blue check with blue flowers on top.  Most of the flowers had green centers, a few had white centers.  It just felt right :)

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grandmarockton said...

Beautiful and FUN ,tooo!