Friday, April 13

Olivia the Pig birthday party

My daughter LOVES Olivia the pig.  We have read the books, watched the shows, played with the house & car & stuffed animals - it was only a matter of time before we celebrated with Olivia!

She definitely wanted to wear red for her birthday party to be "just like Olivia" - but I didn't want to go costume-y and have her be an exact replica.  So she got her own special Olivia jumper.
The fabric on the bottom is that ruffle fabric everyone is raving about.  I'm pretty sure I couldn't pull that off myself but I knew Abby would love it.  The dress came together very quickly - I did a tube of matching red knit for the bodice, a tube of red (a little wider) for the skirt, and two pieces of red knit for the straps.  The cutting and measuring probably took as long as the sewing - at most a total of 30 minutes to whip it together.  She calls it her "jiggly" red dress and LOVES it.
The bows are red with white polka dots.  Once again - not an exact replica of Olivia's bows, but perfect for her and for the party.  I found red and white polka dot paper goods & balloons, so it was thematic.

Her goodie bags included red and white twisty erasers, notebooks and notepads with Olivia on them from the Target dollar bins, red and white polka dot pencils, tiaras and red and white striped hair bows for the girls, pirate patches and telescopes, pig noses, and pig ears.  I made the hair bows, patches, pig noses, and ears.  If I can get the kids to dress up I'll add pictures later.  The patches were just black felt with skinny black elastic sewn on.  The pig noses were pink felt with a large pink button on top to make the nose holes.  For the ears, I sewed them up in felt and hot glued them to a pink headband.  I made the ears quite oversized to be like Olivia's.
For the craft, I bought pink circular metal tins and hot glued a pink button in the middle to be the nose.  The kids then added their own rhinestone stickers and glitter to make their very own piggy treasure boxes.  I considered piggy banks, but it was too late to get the right containers together from our recycling stash, and I wasn't going to pay for brand new piggy banks to decorate.  I think the boxes turned out cute, and it has been a great way for Abby to store the pig dress up parts (eye patch & nose).

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