Tuesday, April 24

rainbow room

Now that we have a four year old in our house - it was time to put some of the finishing touches on her big girl room.  It's been painted for over a month now, but we just recently had the vinyl rainbow installed and added some finishing touches today.
Here's her bed - with a rainbow from the floor to the clouds.  To the left of the rainbow is the quote "Follow every rainbow until you find your dream".  (name the musical!)
The canopy above her bed is IKEA - I just added the rainbow ribbons hanging down from the clouds.
After that first picture was added, we installed her name.  It is between the canopy above her bed and the window to the right.
On the other side of the room (between the door and the closet) is her dress-up area.  The rainbow polka dot tubs hold a bunch of brushes, hair ribbons, elastics, and her "earrings" (stickers).  Then of course, her bows and purse are hanging there as well.
The dressing table has a rainbow on it, as does the other side of the chair. Perfect for checking herself out when she's done primping.  She is such a girly-girl and loves it all!
In the other corner, above her dollhouse area are a couple little white shelves.  She chose the unicorn, which just cracks up my 80s loving self.  The shelf above has a new frame (decorated by Aunt E) and waiting for me to get around to printing a picture.  The shelf above has her class picture from preschool.
The one corner left is the one with her dresser and bookshelf in it.  We're waiting for the last detail, some rainbow bookends and then her room will be totally complete.  Now if I can only get her to clean it up!
I am also working on a rainbow quilt for her bed instead of a simple blue comforter.  That may take a little longer though... but believe me I will be sharing it here someday!!!!

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