Friday, April 13

playing catch up

For a variety of reasons I won't go into, I took a blogging break.  But I've decided I would like to get back in the swing of things.  It's nice to have a record of all my handmade goodies, and I like sharing them with you.

First of all - I made some new shirts using heat transfer.  The front of the shirts have an H5 on the pocket spot.  We are kind of geeky and like math problems around our house... can you solve this one?
Yep - baby #3 is due in late June.  It's a boy.  We've named him, but aren't telling.  And yes - I've already embroidered his name on a blanket.  I'm not superstitious in that way.

Conner turned 7 in February, and he really wanted a detective party.  The invitations have his fingerprints on the outside of the card (as well as the outside of the envelope) and vinyl magnifying glasses with a clear plastic lens over a paper "TOP SECRET" headline.
Goodie bags were a detective kit - ID tag, disguise glasses, magnifying glass, flashlight they could decorate, and a little notebook & pen - all kept in a black box.  They played a few games to "earn" the parts of their detective kit, and then ended with a scavenger hunt around the house to find the goodies for their ice cream sundaes.

"Kirstin's Skirt" - Olabelhe Designs - made last fall.  Abby's hands were covering up the big bow in front, but I'm just glad she stood still and smiled.

Abby's first day of school outfit.  Their are matching capri-length pants with a ruffle, you just can't quite see them under the skirt.  Her hair was braided and put into two loops - with matching bows.  I love Hobby Lobby fabrics with all their perfectly matching ribbons!

I love being in a good hand-me-down chain.  I made this top for a friend's daughter, and it got passed back to me when she outgrew it.  Yay for durable and handmade!

I know it's horribly out of order, but I'll post about Halloween costumes tomorrow and Abby's Olivia the Pig birthday party as well.  As for Easter - I have no handmade goodies to share because honestly I was rushing and didn't measure well and by the time I was done with the dress I realized the bodice was way too big for her.  I'm hoping she grows into it by her brother's baptism later this summer.

There were a few Christmas projects made for my nieces and a dress for my daughter that will go undocumented unless I can find those pictures somewhere.  I just need to move forward and show you all the goodies I'm working on now!  I have three quilts in progress, a purse for my mom, a couple spring dresses for Abby, and a couple baby things for our June firefly.
Thanks for sticking around - I'll see you again soon!

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