Friday, March 13

be the thread...the business

My business is evolving. It started out almost two years ago as a little dream called "Sew Personalized". It has expanded from personalized children's blankets to include toys, clothing, baby gear, and numerous other personalized items. I have had SO much fun making custom items for my friends and family. I was blogging about my items as I made them.

It is time to grow again. I am going to start selling items on Art Fire. I still REALLY want to do custom orders for my customers, so I will definitely keep doing that. But I have fun creating brand new stuff and I want to be able to share that with the world!
I am also reminded how much I love teaching. I held a workshop for some friends a few days ago and I had so much fun sharing my love of fabric with them and helping them create something special.

So I am taking the name be the thread and claiming it for my business. I have merged the old blog with this one.

I want to encourage you to be the thread too.
be the thread - become a stronger person by hosting your own in-home workshop (locally of course!) and learning a new skill.
be the thread - design something with me - creative custom orders are still near and dear to my heart. Those can be done long distance too. The internet is a beautiful thing!
be the thread - so many opportunities to use the beautiful materials available (and I'm not just talking about thread here folks - there are so many gorgeous fabrics, embroidery designs, ric-rac, ribbons, need I go on...?)

be the thread - sewn into something beautiful, strong, and creative.
Official launch date - April 10th.

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