Friday, March 13

spring spirit

I'm SO ready for spring! I am an April baby, and I swear that is part of what makes me come alive every spring. I have decided that Friday, April 10th is my official launch date for my artfire site. So a lot of sewing is going to happen between now and then. Keep checking back here for previews!! (and maybe a good deal or two!)

My son's St. Patrick's Day shirt - I think it needs a little something more... maybe "LUCKY" across the front of the shamrock?

My daughter's little onesie for the day. She's pretty lucky too, wouldn't you agree?

This is the start of a little Easter fun. I have some carrot fabric that is going to be a skirt for it, and then of course I have the required bunny ears. When I was little I collected bunny stuff, so I have a large collection of stuffed bunny rabbits. That will be a fun photo shoot, I'm sure!

So - we're getting ready for spring around here. Now, if someone would please tell the thermometer it's ok to hit 50 on a regular basis....

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