Wednesday, February 3

jillian's jumper

Check out this cute jumper! Another easy, beautiful design from Dawn at Olabelhe.

It has an overskirt and a ruffled underskirt.
The lined bodice has an optional pocket for the front.(Have I mentioned I'm totally on a turquoisey kick lately? Watch out!!)

After doing the cotton version, I decided to try it in corduroy with a muslin lining and muslin underskirt. I chose and cut the corduroy carefully and didn't use the pocket on the bodice.The one above was sized down from her original pattern, and fits my 11m old niece. The hand pleating was trickier (but still manageable!) with the corduroy. I also realized after I did the buttonholes that they didn't really line up how I would have liked, but that's my fault - not her pattern.
The one below is for her older sister, size 3.
They were Christmas presents, and they wore the dresses to Conner's birthday party. I must say - they were adorable!!!! Unfortunately, no good pictures (yet) of them together in the dresses.

Hop on over to her shop for your own pattern!

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MaryAnne said...

I really like this dress, and the fabrics you've chosen!