Friday, February 19

project runway

Did you watch it last night?

I know there's no way to prove it, but for the longest time I've been thinking they should do children's wear!!!! Redo-ing wedding dresses, ok. "Real" women, ok. But children's wear - now there's a challenge! So when I sat down to watch it, I could barely stand it.
Seth Aaron's outfit was pretty funky for my personal style - but I can see why it won. Perfect stylish kid's clothing! Jesse was probably my 2nd choice too. Some of the other outfits... uck. What were they thinking?!! The little girl's petal dress (by Amy) was cute enough, but the adult one...I'd have to agree with them about the circus thing. And even though he wasn't bottom three - Emilio's children's pink poofy dress? Not exactly cutting edge or new design.

What was your favorite? Which one ends up at the bottom of the heap?

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