Wednesday, July 28


Just 3 basic colors of Model Magic, 1 hour, and we've got a meal fit for a pig!! (We did use a little black here and there.) the pig's eyes are google eyes - we don't have any white anyway.

You will see bananas, oranges, apples, corn on the cob, grapes, watermelon, and broccoli. There's also a "bale of hay" to the side. It's the same light tan color as the pig. It's been fun mixing colors to get what we want! Although I did most of them first, the broccoli is all Conner's inspiration.

Another naptime well-spent with the big kid! I'm looking forward to when it dries and we can really play with it.
(And as I've been writing this he's decided to make a bowl & plate for him to eat out of. Time to explain about slop buckets and troughs....)

What are you hungry for?

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